Pete' s Small Engine  carries one of the largest selections of aftermarket Riding Mower Repair Parts and Small Engine Parts.  Parts that you will find online include oil filters, air filters, bearings & bushings, belts, blades, plugs, carburetors, chain saw parts, deck parts, drive parts, engine parts, electric starters,  electric clutches, carbs, gaskets, spindles, switches, tires,  mufflers, and much more.
Pete's Small Engine

Welcome to the Pete's Small Engine parts discount store. Most of the parts listed are Aftermarket Lawn Mower Repair Parts made to OEM  specifications.  We try to give you the best pricing on some of the best aftermarket parts available.           All references to original equipment part numbers and trade names are for identification purposes only.
Mower Electric Clutch
Briggs Starter
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Mower Spindle Assembly
Mower Hydro Pump
Lawn Mower and Snow Blower Parts
Manufacturer names and logos used in the Pete's Small Engine Website are trademarks of their respective companies   and are used only to identify their products and parts.  Most Parts we sell are High Quality Aftermarket not OEM Parts.
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Aftermarket Parts
Save You Big $$$

Over $167 on a Warner Electric Clutch

Over $129 on a Electric Starter to fit Kohler

Over $64 on a Spindle to fit a MTD - Cub Cadet Tractor

Over $23 on a Recoil Starter to fit a Honda Engine

Over $60 on a Ignition Coil to
fit a Kohler Engine
Ariens 12v Electric Clutch
Sears Electric PTO Clutch
MTD PTO Blade Clutch
Snapper Zero Turn Parts
Electric Clutch Country Clipper
Cub Cadet Electric PTO Clutch
Electric Clutch for Dixie Chopper
Electric PTO Clutch for Dixon
Electric Clutch for Encore
Exmark Electric Clutch
Ferris 12v Electric Clutch
Electric Clutch for Grasshopper
Gravely 12v Electric Clutch
Husqvarna Electric PTO Clutch
Hustler Electric Clutch
Electric Clutch for John Deere
Electric PTO Clutch for Kees
Electric PTO Clutch for MTD
Scag Electric Clutch
Simplicity Electric PTO Clutch
Snapper Electric Clutch
Electric PTO Clutch for Toro
Electric Clutch for Troy Bilt
Warner Electric Clutch
Briggs & Stratton Filters
Kohler Ignition Coil
Ignition Coil for Briggs & Stratton
Electronic Ignition Kohler
Kohler Ignition Points
Lawnboy Electronic Ignition
Tecumseh Electronic Ignition
Tecumseh Coil
Air Filter  for Briggs & Stratton
Gearbox for Snapper
Honda HRM Air Filter
John Deere Air Filter
Air Filter for Kawasaki
Kohler Parts - Air Filter
Snapper Air Filter
Lawn-Boy Repair Parts
Air Filter for Tecumseh
Discount Toro Air Filter
Briggs & Stratton Carburetor Parts HRX Parts for Honda Mower
Honda Carburetor Parts
Kohler Carburetor Parts
Briggs & Stratton Carburetor Parts
Carburetor Parts for Tecumseh
Briggs & Stratton Carburetor Kit
Kohler Carburetor Kit
Tecumseh Carburetor Kit
Briggs and Stratton Fuel Pump
Kohler Fuel Pump
Fuel Pump for Kawasaki
PTO Clutch for Cub Cadet Mower
Cub Cadet 618-3129 Spindle Assy.
Cub Cadet 618-04123 Spindle
Cub Cadet 618-04124A Spindle
Electric Starter for Briggs & Stratton
Briggs & Stratton Starter Parts
Starter Drive for Briggs & Stratton
Recoil Starter for Briggs & Stratton
Starter Pulley for Briggs & Stratton
Starter Clutch for Briggs & Stratton
Electric Starter for Gravely
Electric Starter for Honda
Kawasaki Electric Starter
Electric Starter for John Deere
Honda Recoil Starter 
Tecumseh Electric Starter
Ariens Snowblower Electric Starter
Electric Starter for Toro
Simplicity 12v Electric Starter 
Snapper Electric Starter
Electric Starter for Hustler
MTD Electric Starter
Electric Starter for Ranch King
Mower PTO Clutch Parts
Electric Starter for Husky
Huskee Electric Starter 
Electric Starter for Craftsmen
Kohler 12v Electric Starter 
Parts for MTD Lawnmower
Aftermarket Snapper Parts
Snapper 7052421 Clutch
Snapper 52421 mower Clutch
Bearing for MTD Snow Blower
Exmark Mower Repair Parts
Parts for Honda FG100A Tiller
Honda FG100 Tiller Gearbox
Honda FG100 Tiller Gearcase
Honda FG100A Transmission
Gasket Set for Briggs & Stratton
Gasket Set for Honda
Gasket Set for Kohler
Gasket Set for Tecumseh
Briggs & Stratton - Connecting Rod
Connecting Rod for Honda
Connecting Rod for Kohler
Connecting Rod for Tecumseh
Piston for Briggs & Stratton
Piston for Kohler
Piston for Honda
Snapper Mower Parts
Piston Rings for Briggs & Stratton
Overhaul Kit for Kohler
Honda GX160 Fuel Tank
Honda GX240 Gas Tank
Honda GX340 Fuel Tank
Honda GX390 Gas Tank
Honda GX140 Fuel Tank
Honda GX270 Gas Tank
Parts for Toro Riding Tractor
Cub Cadet 618-0324 Spindle
Cub Cadet  618-0427 Spindle
Exmark Electric PTO Clutch
Ariens Zero Turn Parts
MTD Riding Tractor Parts
Cub Cadet - Riding Tractor Belts
Belts for Dixie Chopper
Exmark Zero Turn Belts
Belts for Husqvarna Rider Tractor
John Deere Riding Tractor Belts
Snapper Spindles and Pulleys
Small Engine Parts
Murray Mower Repair Parts
Scag Mower Belts
Belts for Simplicity
Snapper Belts  - Riding Mower
Belt for Toro Riding Tractor
Troy Bilt Mower Belts
Parts for Ariens Riding Mowers
Muffler for Briggs & Stratton
Cub Cadet Muffler
Honda GX340 Muffler
Kohler Mufflers
Parts for Sears Mowers
Snapper Muffler
Tecumseh Muffler
Toro Muffler
Oil Filter for Ariens
Oil Filter for Briggs & Stratton
Oil Filter for Cub Cadet
Oil Filter for Dixie Chopper
Dixon Lawnmower Spindle
Oil Filter for Exmark
Snapper Electric Starter
Honda Oil Filter
Oil Filter for John Deere
Kawasaki Oil Filter
Kohler Oil Filter
MTD Riding Tractor Parts
Honda FG100A Tiller Gear
Oil Filter for Simplicity
Tecumseh Oil Filter
Oil Filter for Toro
Sears Riding Tractor Parts
Wheel for Cub Cadet
Exmark Wheel
Wheel for Grasshopper
Gravely Wheel
Wheel for John Deere
Lawn-Boy Wheels
MTD Wheel
Murray Wheel
Wheel for Noma
Wheel for Scag 
Snapper Wheel
Toro Mower Wheel
Exmark Deck Bearings
Bearing for Snapper  
Exmark  PTO Clutch
618-04126 Cub Cadet  - Spindle
618-04461 618-0659 Spindle
Ariens Riding Mower Parts
AYP Riding Tractor Parts
Parts and Belts to Fit Bobcat
Belts to Fit MTD Mowers
Belts to Fit Bunton
Belt to Fit Bush Hog
Dixon Mower Belts
Parts to Fit County Clipper
Snapper Mower Parts
Parts to Fit Dixie Chopper
Dixon Zero Turn Parts - Belts
Parts Plus Belts to Fit Encore
Exmark Rider Belts
Honda Push Mower Wheels
Parts Mower Belts Grasshopper
Gravely Zero Turn Belts
Belt to Fit Honda HRX
Riding Mower Parts
Hustler Zero Turn Belts
Parts to Fit Jacobsen
John Deere Mower Repair Parts
Aftermarket Kees Belts
Belts to Fit Lawn Boy
Sears Mower Parts
MTD Electric PTO Clutch
Murray Rider Tractor Parts - Belts
Belt to Fit NOMA Riding Tractor
Scag Zero Turn Belts
Sears Riding Tractor Parts - Belts
Honda Mower Repair Parts
Poulan Rider Mower Belt
Aftermarket Snapper Belts
Toro Riding Tractor Parts - Belts
Troy Bilt Mower Belt Parts
MTD Snow Blower Parts
Mtd Riding Tractor Parts - Belts
Belt to Fit Scotts Riding Tractor
Ariens Riding Tractor Parts - Belts
MTD PTO Clutch
Kohler Small Engine Parts
Belt for Case Rider Mower
Parts for Cub Cadet Mower Deck
Parts for Dixie Chopper Deck
Belt for Dixon Deck
Mower PTO Clutch MTD
Parts Plus Belt for Encore Deck
Belt for Exmark Mower Deck
MTD PTO Blade Clutch
Parts for Grass Hopper Deck
Belt for Husqvarna Mower
Hustler Mower Belts
MTD Mower PTO Clutch
Snapper Mower Repair Parts 
MTD Spindle Assembly
Mower Belt for Murray Deck
Lawn Mower Parts
FG100 Honda Tiller Worm Gear
Spindle Assembly Mower MTD
Listed Below is a list of Aftermarket Mower Repair Parts and also some OEM Repair Parts for Most Brands of Mowers and Small Engines that you may save money on.